Level 2 BEE Service Provider!    
 Your Waste Management Solution Partner  !


Our success is mainly attributable to our reliable excellent customer service and our continuous commitment to improve the quality of our service delivery and waste management solutions.  We provide peace of mind to our clients  who have the assurance of a private authorised waste service provider taking care of their waste management needs. 

 We are experts in waste management and recycling and can provide appropriate assistance and advise on problems and challenges experienced in a particular waste management system. 

We pride ourselves in being our clients Waste Management Solution Partner!

Please select one of the following services:

Wheelie Bin Service


General waste

Plastic, Paper and Household Waste

Food waste

Restaurants and Commercial Food Left overs

Special Waste

All expired food and Liquids ( We provide certificate of safe disposal)

Skip Bin Hire

Commercial Waste

Non compactable items like wood, steel, ceiling boards

Building rubble

Bricks, Cement, Gravel and Concrete

Garden Waste

Tree cut off's, Leaves, Grass

Hazardous Waste

Client must Provide a Data Sheet

Recycling Services

Onsite Recycling Services

Trained on-site sorter to sort and manage recyclable waste from the general waste stream;

Regular collection of recyclables; and
Cleaning and disinfection of waste bins/ area.

Confidential documents

Safe disposal were client will receive a certificate of safe disposal



Office: (012) 562 9020
E-mail: admin@abachwaste.co.za

 Address: 16 Rivier Street, Bon Accord, Pretoria, 0009