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Recycling Services 

Responsible recycling practices is a rapid growing tendency in South Africa, not only because it is economical viable but because we, as a society, need to make a collective effort to preserve our environment and valuable resources for generations to come.

As a waste management company we are passionate about this message and will continue to proclaim it and actively continue to enhance our recycling services to ensure the diversion of recyclable waste from the landfills. 

We provide on-site and off-site recycling service 

Our typical on-site recycling service will include, amongst others:

Trained on-site sorter to sort and manage recyclable waste from the general waste stream;

Regular collection of recyclables; and

Cleaning and disinfection of waste bins/ area.

Our typical off-site recycling service will include, amongst others:

No trained sorter;

Colour coded wheelie bins for easy separation at the source and/ or provision of recycling cages and frames; and

Regular collection of recyclables.

We can provide a tailored recycling solution to your premises. 

We are experts in the provision of comprehensive recycling services to our client's and strive to meet individual needs and requirements. All this to reduce  the clients waste removal cost.